James Hayes

UNSW Water Research Centre
Contact details:
(+61 2) 9385 4151

Vallentine Annexe (H22)
Level 1, Room 133

James has recently finished his PhD investigating the effect of arduous odours on community members. His PhD research involved multiple tools including surveys, interviews, as well as online communication platform to provide best practice approaches for industry regarding community engagement. James has also provided commentary and research on varying technology relating to odour and olfaction including Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry/Olfactometry, the role of e-noses in odour monitoring, as well as olfactometers.

James is also currently working on a range of additional topics that have included collaborations with other universities such as USyd, ANU, and UTS. In particular, James has been involved with research and implementation regarding detection dogs, Humanitarian Engineering, as well as improving educational designs for future engineers. His background in Psychology and diverse portfolio of research topics means that he’s often called up to assist in novel ventures within the UNSW Odour Group and UNSW Engineering as a whole.

Select publications:

Critical review of dog detection and the influences of physiology, training, and analytical methodologies (2018) Hayes, J.E., McGreevy, P.D., Forbes, S.L., Laing, G., & Stuetz, R.M. Talanta In Press

Unrepresented community odour impact: improving engagement strategies (2017) Hayes, J.E., Fisher, R.M., Stevenson, R.J., Mannebeck, C., & Stuetz, R.M. Sci Total Environ 609, 1650-1658

Survey of the effect of odour impact on communities (2017) Hayes, J.E., Stevenson, R.J., & Stuetz, R.M. JEMA 204, 349-354

Hayes, J.E., Stuetz, R.M., & Stevenson, R.J. A review of modern olfactometry, equipment and applications (2017) in: Brandt, M. (Eds.), Chemosensory Sensors and Systems: Evolutionary Significance, Biological Effects and New Insights, Nova Science Publishers, Inc.  

The impact of malodour on communities: a review of assessment techniques (2014) Hayes, J.E., Stevenson, R.J., & Stuetz, R.M. Sci Total Environ 500-501, 395-407

A comparison of sniff bottle staircase and olfactometer-based threshold tests (2013) Hayes, J.E., Jinks, A.L., & Stevenson, R.J. Behav Res Methods 45(1), 178-182

Evaluation of smoking on olfactory thresholds of phenyl ethyl alcohol and n-butanol (2012) Hayes, J.E., Jinks, A.L. Physiol Behav 107(2), 177-180